Our Team

Our wealth management team integrates its diverse 30+ years of combined investment experience with our desire to provide clients with individualized solutions. Our team is results driven and goal-oriented. We are supported by a robust platform that encompasses some of the most talented professionals in each area of specialty. Personal attention combined with value-driven goals-based investing is a hallmark of our firm’s philosophy.

Innovative Advisory Group Principals


Kirk Chisholm is a Wealth Manager and Principal at Innovative Advisory Group. His roles at IAG are co-chair of the Investment Committee and Head of the Traditional Investment Risk Management Group. His background and areas of focus are portfolio management and investment analysis in both the traditional and alternative investment markets.

Kirk has been providing wealth management services to individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, and their families, as well as businesses and organizations since 1999. Kirk is dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all of his clients. One of the benefits of working with Kirk is his patience and his ability to provide clear, easy to understand explanations of all financial options.

Prior to integrating with Innovative Advisory Group in 2008, Kirk founded Stirling Global Advisors, LLC in 2005, a full-service private wealth management firm. Kirk has also held wealth management roles at both UBS PaineWebber and Smith Barney.  Contact Kirk





Rajeev Kotyan is a Principal at Innovative Advisory Group. He also holds the position of Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Risk Manager. His roles at IAG are co-chair of the Investment Committee and Head of the Alternative Investment Risk Management Group. He provides the compliance and risk management guidelines required to analyze client portfolios spanning both traditional and alternative asset classes.

Rajeev’s background includes corporate and institutional risk management, strategy planning for business, product development, and financial products and strategies, such as algorithmic trading, transaction cost analysis, quantitative analysis and cross-asset class strategy trading. His tenure includes working with a number of start-up technology and financial firms, including Charles River Development & Brokerage, Progress Software, Investors Bank and Trust, eXcelon Corporation, IDD Information Services (subsidiary of Dow Jones), and Citicorp Securities KK (Tokyo, Japan). He has participated actively in the standardization for information exchange of financial derivative products with creation of Financial Products Markup Language (FpML.org), a division of ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives, Inc.).

Since 1998, Rajeev has been personally investing in alternative investments using Self Directed IRAs, mainly focused on real estate and real estate-related assets, including mortgage notes, short-term loans, foreign exchange and small business ventures, to name a few. Contact Rajeev