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The principals of Innovative Advisory Group have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg Business Week, The New York Times, Boston Magazine, Boston Globe, The DiWire, Financial Planning Magazine, CNN Money, Structured Products Daily, as well as a number of well known finance blogs, radio stations and podcasts. On this page you can review all the media, podcasts, videos, and press releases in one place. If you are interested in a press kit, please contact us .

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It Is Merger Season For Self Directed IRA Custodians. Is Your Custodian Next?
The Di Wire (Guest Columnist) - February 2016

In the past four months there have been two announcements of mergers or acquisitions in the financial services industry. The emerging niche of self directed IRA custodians has apparently drawn some interest from firms outside the industry. Is this the sign of a top or a sign of greater interest in alternative investments held in retirement accounts? Read more...

Interest in Alternative Investments Driven by Market Volatility
The DiWire (Guest Columnist) - December 2015

A recent study done by Pensco Trust company showed that in a cross section of their clients, 62 percent have increased their allocation to alternative investments, or are planning to in the near future due to recent market volatility. This is not... Read More

The 23 Worst Pieces of Financial Advice We've Ever Heard
Stacking Benjamins - October 2015

“Your home (whether you rent or own it) is a personal expense, not an investment. Many people don’t even consider renting because of the social stigma attached. Unless your home is...”

Not Investing Yet? Here's How to Get Started
The Simple Dollar - September 2015

“If you don’t want to learn anything about investing and want someone else to manage it for you, then find a fee-only financial advisor to provide you with guidance and advice”

SEC Charges Equity Trust Company in Connection with a Ponzi Scheme
The Di Wire (Guest Columnist) - June 2015

The risk of fraud with Self Directed IRAs is a well known problem among industry participants. Self Directed IRA industry participants and regulators have issued a number of press releases, articles, and educational materials to the investing public to educate them about this problem. Here are some of the.... Read more...

Protect Your Clients from Self Directed IRA Fraud
The Di Wire (Guest Columnist) - March 2015

Investors should take these pieces of wisdom from Peter Lynch and apply them to their own investing plan. Self Directed IRAs as described in my earlier post The Self Directed IRA 101, are a great way to diversify beyond the stock and bond markets into asset classes that you know.... Read more...

Plan Your Retirement- Three Stages of Retirement Planning
Deposit A Gift (Guest Columnist) - February 2015

Each of the six life cycle stages have certain characteristics attributed to the needs of the person during that period in their life. However, when you start to do your retirement planning, you could easily simplify those stages into three... Read more...

This man has a $100,000,000 IRA - Here is the secret to his success
Lazy Man and Money (Guest Columnist) - January 2015

I’ll bet your first thought is that this headline is an exaggeration. In fact, it isn’t. There is at least one person who has accomplished this feat with their IRA and there could be as many as 314... Read more..

Alternative Investments 101
The Di Wire (Guest Columnist) - January 2015

In 2008 the global financial system melted down destroying a lot of wealth and investor goodwill in the process. Since the spring of 2009, the stock markets have risen, and with that rise brought a lot of that goodwill back. However many investors are still weary of... Read more...

Top 2 Reasons Investors don't Invest IRA Funds into Alternative Investments
The Di Wire (Guest Columnist) - December 2014

It is clear that in the past few years, investors have been showing an increased level of interest in learning more about alternative investments. They have also expressed a desire to increase their portfolio allocation into... Read more...

The Self-Directed IRA 101
The Di Wire (Guest Columnist) - November 2014

Do you have clients who want to startup or buy a private business, and they end up taking money out of their IRA to invest in this venture? Do your clients contribute less than... Read more...

Understand your Retirement
Deposit A Gift (Guest Columnist) - November 2014

Just imagine that you are sitting on a beach watching a sunset with your spouse. Or imagine you are spending time with your grandkids without worrying about your next business meeting. These are the types of things people imagine when they think of retirement. In order for these images to become a reality, you need to... Read more...

Industrial Market Survey - 2014 NUA Advisors
Greater Portland Industrial Market Survey - January 2014

Did you know you could use your IRA or 401k to invest in physical real estate? Most people who are reading this either own... Read more as PDF.

How to Help Clients Put Real Estate Inside an IRA
Wall Street Journal (Guest Columnist) - December 2013

After two major stock-market gyrations in one decade—the first in 2000, the second in 2008—many clients have expressed a desire to invest in "real" assets that aren't affected by swings in the market... Read more.

Voices: Rajeev Kotyan, on Real Estate in Retirement Accounts
Wall Street Journal (Guest Columnist)- November 2013

Over the past five years, I've seen many clients begin to search for investments that aren't dependent on the gyrations of the market. After two major collapses in one decade--the first in 2000, the second in 2008--many investors want to have more control over their own investments. One option is to invest in real assets. This sentiment has... Read more.

Interviews or Quoted

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - March 2017

"Given the state of the markets, if you're going to have some exposure to the EuroStoxx, I don't think there is a great probability that the index would go up more than the cap in the next 15 months." said Chisholm

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - March 2017

"I'm not particularly impressed by the notes because of the arbitrages that are going on between those two markets based on political events," said Chisholm. " There are other ways to speculate on the outcome of Brexit or the future elections to be held in some European countries."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - February 2017

"I have a serious reservation on this note when it comes to the risk at maturity. Even though 40% is a big drop, anything can happen in 10 years," said Chisholm. "To me, it is a huge deterrent. It's one thing to assess the risk of not gettting your coupon, it's another to lose your money or a big chunk of it at maturity." 

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - January 2017

"In general, I'm not a big fan of of the "worst of" notes. It puts a negative tone on the investment," said Chisholm, Wealth Manager and Principal at Innovative Advisory Group. It's hard for investors to get excited about investing in the worst performing index."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - January 2017

"If the market goes up, it's certainly a more conservative way to play it. You're getting leverage, which makes up for the low volatility. All you are losing is the income and the opportunity cost for being tied up for 5 years, which in my opinion is a long time," said Chisholm.

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - November 2016

"When you look at three different positions, it's very hard to predict", said Chisholm, "The others are not even close. If I wrote an out-of-themoney Put on Marathon for that length, I'd have a better probability of success than with the notes."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - November 2016

"This is effectively a six-year covered call on the S&P 500," said Chisholm, "Six years is way too long to be considering that strategy... There's much less liquidity with the note. An exchange-listed option, particularly on the S&P 500 is liquid. You can always find a buyer."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - November 2016

"I don't have the exposure to the credit risk of the issuer when I deal with a publicly traded option... And I don't have the liquidity risk. I can trade the put any time and buy it back. I don't have to wait for the contract to expire." said Chisholm.

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - October 2016

"This trade involves too many unknown factors, such as the implementation of the Brexit vote, the movement of the British Pound, and the relationship between the pound and equity prices....You don't have to invest everywhere. This particular market is a place I would ignore." said Chisholm.

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - September 2016

"Statistically, the stock market is goes two-thirds of the time and down one-third of the time, so from that statistical standpoint, it is better to be bullish... This is one of the reasons that people tend to go long in the market... Also, the S&P 500 is not going to go to zero while it can go up in excess of 100%.” said Chisholm.

5 Things You Should Know About Interest Rates
TrustAdvisor - September 2016

"Interest rates will stay lower longer than most people would imagine..." Chisholm points out that there is not much room to raise positive interest rates. “It is highly improbable that 10-year Treasury interest rates will rise above 3% in the near future,” said Chisholm.

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - September 2016

"To me, the note looks expensive. For two years you're paying 3.36%, and on top of that, you're taking a cut on your dividends. I wouldn't be comfortable investing in some of those picks, especially energy stocks because I think it's still early to start bottom-picking off the energy sector, " said Chisholm.

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - August 2016

"The note is capped, but with that type of leverage the basket doesn't need to go up more than roughly 4% or 4.5%... If the market is neutral, it may be interesting to lever up the gains. You could get a decent return."

Can I Take My 401(k) In A Lump Sum?
Investopedia - August 2016

"If you have a 401(k) plan with the ability to take out a loan, you can withdraw the funds tax-free... Of course, you will have to pay them back, but this allows you to borrow from your 401(k) account and pay yourself back the interest and principal over time."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - August 2016

"The concept behind the notes is attractive. But ironically, the "lookback allocator" in practice would not be a good fit for an advisor dedicated to asset allocation."

What To Do When A Company Buys Back Stock
US News & World Report - July 2016

"Share buybacks are a tax-efficient method of returning cash to shareholders," says Kirk Chisholm, wealth manager at Innovative Advisory Group in Lexington, Massachusetts. "While this is not always the reason companies repurchase shares, it is the reason that great capital allocators do it."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - July 2016

"The S&P 500 is going up because a lot of money is flowing into the US from overseas. It is considered one of the safest places to be... We're kind of an oasis."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - July 2016

"I don't see how interest rates could go up at least in the short-term. But if they do, the utility sector could be hit significantly... I think US interest rates could be low for a lot longer than most people think."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - June 2016

"Six years is a long time. Personally, it's way too long for any note that's not providing income. You're not getting 18.72% in income for six years, which is a hefty sum most people wouldn't want to give up."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - May 2016

"We expect rates to be a lot lower for a lot longer than most people expect... We see a lot of strong deflationary pressures in the US and global economy."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - May 2016

"If the index does well, you're going to lose. If the index does poorly, you're going to lose. If the index is flat, maybe you'll benefit and get a coupon or two..."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - May 2016

"What drives the appetite for those notes is the investor's view on the market. You always have to look at the potential outcome of the underlying."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - March 2016

"This index has been in a downtrend for the past 22 months. If you think it's going to continue to be range bound, then it's an attractive way to invest in this asset class."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - March 2016

"As long as you're within that range, between 920 and 1,227, you'll do better with the notes. Actually even if the Russell is less than 920, you'll do better because of the buffer."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - February 2016

"The global dynamics are not encouraging right now. A lot of emerging market countries have their debts denominated in dollars, and the dollar is stronger. It's becoming increasingly difficult for them to service their debt."

What 23 Financial Experts Wish They Knew About Investing In Their 20s

InvestmentZen - January 2016

"He goes on to say how risk management is one of the most important things an investor needs to learn. Fortunately, Chisholm says it’s easy to learn about risk management while using small amounts of money..." Read More

30 Greatest Threats To Your Retirement

​GoBankingRates - January 2016

"While traditional advice is to subtract your age from a hundred and use this value as the percentage of bonds in your portfolio, Chisholm and others recommend a more cautious approach...." Read More

20 Things To Do In A Falling Stock Market
GoBankingRates - January 2016

"“You should always have a cash position in your portfolio," said wealth manager Kirk Chisholm. "Cash doesn't necessarily pay well, but it does lower your risk and allows you to invest when the stock market dips...." Read More

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - January 2016

"I'm not sure its a great scenario. If I'm bullish on this basket, why would I want the S&P 500 to drag me down? If I think the basket is going to outperform the index, why invest in the notes?"

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - December 2015

"The terms are a bit too complicated to make it a reasonable investment, he said. There's too much to explain: the geared buffer, the quarterly averaging... The benefits of averaging are not clear; too much depends on timing, he added."

How to Invest in Domain Names Through an IRA or 401(k)
Domain Name Wire - December 2015

"While there are some strict rules that the investor would have to follow, a number of investors have successfully used domain names as their choice of investment for their retirement funds..." Read More

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - December 2015

“Oil and gas is a mess. I don’t see thesector working itself out in the next year.It’s going to take multiple years,” he said."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - December 2015

"This note is just for people who want access to this index. You get energy, grains, industrial metals, and precious metals. It hits most of the buttons people want to hit.."

Using an IRA to Invest in Alternative Assets
Up Money - November 2015

I want to invest in a real estate deal for a new apartment complex in town. I want to invest through my IRA funds that are currently in an account with a major broker... Read More

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - November 2015

"I don't see much upside. Maybe in the short term you could see some gains, but over five years, I think it is more likely that the S&P 500 will be lower."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - November 2015

"The index right now is trading in the middle of its trading range. This ETF has been trading between $25 to $45 since 2009. If the ETF climbs to the top of the trading range by the end of the note's maturity you would get the maximum return," says Chisholm

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - September 2015

"The view is that the market will close in a narrow range. It only takes 4% a year for the index to get you to the cap, and this is about 8% a year in maximum return."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - September 2015

"If you have positive years, you stocks will give you a better return than a CD. You are a little bit behind in the worst case scenario, but chances are that you will make up for that difference. I like the odds of this versus a CD."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - August 2015

"The benefits are quite straightforward: you get the protection and the upside advantage in a market which in my opinion has very little upside left. The leverage is very favorable over the course of four and a half years"

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - July 2015

"Obviously on top of that, you're not getting the dividends, although in this case, its not that much of an issue at least on the upside since you're getting 12%. But missing 9% of dividends on the downside is like giving up a 9% buffer."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - June 2015

"The fact that you have a positive return for anything within that $50 to $70 range is quite reasonable." The upside potential is attractive, he noted, especially if the market continues to... Read More...

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - June 2015

"If you think emerging markets are a good place to be, this is a good substitute for investing in the space," he said. "You're getting 1.3 times leverage, a protection down to 25% and unlimited upside..." Read More...

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - May 2015

"The option is more liquid. If you change your mind, you can always get out or roll the contract. It's much more flexible. Some structured notes have a real appeal. They give you an attractive risk-adjusted return. But I don't know what the advantage is with this one versus a covered call."..." Read more...

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - May 2015

"I don't see huge growth in this market in the next few years, so that makes the notes even more attractive, at least from..." Read more...

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - April 2015

"The challenge is the six years," he said. You're giving up 1.9% in dividend yield. Six years is a long time..."

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - April 2015

"Why would I be interested in a note tied to a high dividend-paying index if I'm not going to get any dividends? We know that dividends contribute to more than half of a stock's total return..." Read More...

Americans Choosing to Keep Their Savings Closer to Home
Main Street - March 2015

“While 2008 did not end up taking (the Great Depression’s) path, it could have,” Chisholm said. “While many consumers consider cash to be somewhat of a barbaric form of money compared to credit or debit cards, there is a growing amount of consumers who are becoming more cautious about how they store their cash.... Read more...

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - March 2015

"Things can happen. If we start to go into a tailspin, India is not going to be safe. While this is a country that has a lot of good metrics, should things turn sour in the global markets, you could easily see a spillover into India...."

4 Reasons to Invest in Timberland - February 2015

"Timberland is an asset of the Earth that just may fit the bill for the savvy land investor. Investors use timberland to see long-term returns, as well as generating profits over time through harvesting..." Read more..

Do Commodities Belong in Your Portfolio - February 2015

"Investing in commodities is much easier than it has been prior to the last decade. Prior to that period, you would need to invest in futures contracts in order to get exposure to commodity prices..." Read more..

Structured Products Daily
The Prospect News - February 2015

"Kirk Chisholm compared the minimum annualized return of the CDs with the current seven-year treasury yield of 1.78%..." Read More...

Why Dividend Stocks are Some Investors' Darlings
DepositAccounts - January 2015

Investors haven’t forgotten their mega losses when the market tanked just a few short years ago. It’s not surprising then, that some investors are rethinking dividend stocks and deciding they should be in their portfolio... Read more..

5 Economists explain what is happening in Japan right now
Benzinga - November 2014

Japan’s deflation is structural, according to Innovative Advisory Group Chief Economist Kirk Chisholm. He told Benzinga that structural problems cannot be fixed with monetary solutions. “Monetary solutions are for cyclical problems. Structural changes are more significant. They require more legislative or even cultural changes,” he said... Read more...

10 Financial Pitfalls to avoid in your 20s
CreditDonkey - November 2014

There’s nothing like being in your 20s. You have newfound freedom, you get to make all the decisions, and time is on your side. For sure, the world awaits you. But with that power over your choices come some big pitfalls that can dramatically impact your financial future... Read more...

For the Affluent, Private Equity Can be Worth the Risk
Boston Globe - June 2014

But then the itch for more control and potential gains got the best of him and now, at 76, Rich has put nearly a fifth of his wealth into... Read more as a PDF.

A Nervy Approach to Retirement Savings
Wall Street Journal - May 2013

Forget your 401(k) plan. The big money today is building nest eggs on everything from show horses to rick bands. ... Read more.

Mutual funds fight for flows against ETFs
Reuters - April 2012

A funny thing happened to the death of the traditional mutual fund... Read more.

11 Crazy Alternative Investments
CNN Money - July 2011

Sick of watching their retirement accounts gather dust, a growing number of investors are ditching their 401(k)s for so-called "alternative" investments. Instead of stocks and bonds, these investors are banking on...
Read more.

Investor grows IRA with unique alternative investment: dressage horses
Equity Trust Company - November 2009

"I'm always looking for new investments in unorthodox areas that will grow my retirement account, so when I heard about a new investment opportunity in dressage horses with significant profit possibilities, I was intrigued. However, I had no knowledge or experience with horses. We'd never heard of dressage...Read more as a PDF.

Self-Directed IRA a good bet?
BankRate - December 2008

If you recently watched your individual retirement account or 401(k) drop by double digits, you may wonder if there is a better way to sock away money in an uncertain economy. What if you could replace some of your investments with a tax-deferred holdings not tied to the troubles on wall street? Maybe you would prefer to invest in...
Read more.

Putting an IRA to work in ventures beyond stocks
NY Times - October 2008

At a time when many IRA portfolios are being battered by poor stock market returns, it is tempting to look for ways to replenish the coffers. One possibility is to... Read more.

The Athletic Portfolio
Financial Planning - September 2009

"you have to be creative and thoughtful, and look for ways on the margin that you can get the portfolios to generate even a bit of extra return. And then you need to protect every bit of what your clients earn."...

Thinking of Switching Financial Planners?
Bloomberg Business Week - June 2009

Shaken to the core by a market gone wild and scrutinizing performance and fees like they never had to do in a raging bull market, investors are more open than ever to getting a financial second opinion. A recent survey by consulting firm Oliver Wyman found that... Read more.

How a creative investor profited with show horses in his self directed IRA
Equity Trust Company - 2008

After meeting with a horse farm that specialized in dressage, they knew that there was money to be made by importing animals from overseas and training them in the United States. Due to the higher level of competition here... Read more as a PDF.